The intel section provides options to add system direction scan results and POS intel. This can be accessed in the "Intel" tab as shown in the following image:

Intel Screenshot

POS Locations

The POS location section provides the ability to assign POS locations to a particular system.

Add POS Screenshot

To add a new POS:

  1. Click the "Add POS" button.

  2. Fill in the entries, only "Status", "Location", "Type" and "Size" are required.

  3. Hit "Submit".

Directional Scan

The DScan section provides the ability to paste directional scan results into siggy.

To copy direction scan results from the in-game dscan window:

DScan Screenshot

  1. Click on a dscan result in your dscan window.

  2. Hit CTRL+A to select all results, hit CTRL+C to copy.

To paste dscan result into siggy:

DScan Adder Screenshot

  1. Click the "Add DScan Result" button.

  2. Add a title and paste your result into the "Scan" box using CTRL+V.

  3. Hit "Submit".