Getting siggy

  1. If you do not have a siggy account, register at out of game. You cannot use the EVE Online SSO login to manage a group.

  2. Login and proceed to

    • Group Name / Group Ticker: Enter your customized name and ticker.

    • API login required?: Users will have to log into a siggy account with a valid EVE API.

    • Group password required?: Users will have to enter a group password to access the service.

  3. Follow the steps and wait when you submit the form at the end.

  4. Your group will be created and your account added as the first manager, you can access management at If you manage more than one siggy group, select the group using the drop down on the top right.

  5. Follow the steps in the Basic Setup guide to grant access to users.

  6. Deposit payment following Billing & Payment.